Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Gnome Without A Name

So some of you know this guy already.

Our Nameless Gnome
For anyone who does not. He is the guardian of our vegetable garden and he needs a name!

Let's make a little contest out of it!

I am looking for name submissions for my "Name Our Gnome" contest. The person who's Gnome Name is selected will receive an amazing prize which is far more awesome than you can imagine. I mean- I think it's cool. I am not going to tell you what it is. Hints: Smaller than a bread box, lighter than a bowling ball and more awesome than the toys you get out of the quarter machines at the grocery store.

If you have already submitted your entry on my Facebook page- you're good. All of your entries are being considered.

Once a name has been selected- the winner will be contacted for your mailing address and I will post a photo of the prize here on my blog before I ship it. Come on. Play along. It will be fun.

Here are the rules. Which are few.

  • Unlimited number of submissions.
  • Keep it clean-ish.
  • Deadline for name submission will be June 21,2012 11:59pm eastern. Leave your entry in the comments section of this page.
  • Honorable mention and perhaps a 2nd prize will be awarded to the person with the coolest tall tale about where this gnome has lived his life prior to keeping our tomatoes and cucumbers safe. For example what is hobby's are, where he grew up, etc. Don't say just say Kirkland and sitting on a shelf- I know I bought the thing for $12.00 at Kirkland... just play along.
Here are the names that have already been submitted.

Tori R: Otis
Jason F: Bosephus
Lori F: Gnoah
Ryan H: Gnomeo
Jonathon H: Bruce
Jen H: Rome the Gnome
Mary H: Gweedo
CK: Dan
Scott M: Stewie
Summer G: Ferdinand
Toni B: Osgood
AJ: Penelope
Derrick S: Gnomer Simpson
Derrick S: Chuck Gnorris
Russ M: Gerome Gnome

If you like a name- comment on it's awesomeness!

There is nothing legally binding about this contest... I mean the whole thing is completely rigged. I can completely be bribed with free vacations, jewels, unicorns and other cool things just to select your entry as our Gnomes name. I mean it's something you could add to your resume and the prize is awesome... not awesome enough to get all the disclaimers out. But here is my disclaimer. This is just for fun- don't be crazy.

Be creative! Good Luck!


  1. I should mention that Nimrod (oddly) means "great hunter" in Hebrew. Knowing this, it is easy for me to imagine Gnimrod valiantly hunting the great tomato hornworm or setting impossibly fiendish traps for herds of wild, striped cucumber beetles in our jungle-like garden. He has been hardened by years of experience and is fresh off adventures in faraway lands.